Friday, June 5, 2009

i feel like i have to clear all this.

0ut of character :
i have to get a lil outta character for this real quick.
i am very humble but sometimes i feel like i have to really remind people. if your trying to be like me.. or trying to copy from my blog hop off. yes i wear hats and sneakers, and probably more straight then most of this american apparel trashbags. please don't test me because.. i will shut you down both physically and mentally.  don't worry about how i get VIP everywhere, just know you never will be as fortunate to get close to what ive been close to . so keep my thrust in ya mouth.. but just letting you know ima choke you with it .. thank you and goose night. 
AND THIS IS FOR ALL LITTLE FAKE GIRLS that live on my blog. thank you again and good night. 

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