Monday, November 24, 2008

Feeling Vibe.. Literally.

If you are as much of a music fein as i am. you would surely know how Galactic this object is. yes, its a BLUETOOTH ENABLED BOOM BENCH by Michael Schoner(german designer). it plays music from your mobile phones. 60 WATTZ co-axial speakers and TWO SUBWOOFERS. (those who dont know that subwoofers are: speakers that are designed to reproduce EXTREMELy low bass frequencies). simply amazing.  

Artistry of .Night.

"i Dont trust words, i trust pictures"
Living in a Nocturnal state is my livelihood, You see the most beautiful things when people sleep. Seems like the stars shine brighter that way. normal people don't catch the allure of night.  Night is when stars get to be themselves and show their shine, the unfortunate part is everyone is sleep. They aren't thought of. they are underestimated. still they allow people to abuse their name as a word for "famous" yet no one takes the time to see the star at its best to really find out the true definition of STAR. Darkness can bring out almost anything spectacular. points out everything in detail and gives everything more definition... but again humans use it as a word of "negativity". i Don't Get it. 

GalaCtic ThoughT process.

      Finally i have created a Blog of my own. Creating a page fuLL OF my own metaphysical ideas and galactic ways of life.