Thursday, May 28, 2009

Life of Solitude

You know i like writing.
i like it cause i don't have to talk much around here and like to keep it as such. observing things around me i see alot of happy people. i don't really have any complaints in life either. but i want to keep it like that. when i am alone i can feel and grasp joy from non-existent things .. and i really like that. people can really tear you down and build you up sometimes. this morning i woke up pretty early and looked outside to check if i was the only person in the house, i was. my feet felt the carpet and i could feel my hair falling from my ponytail slowly but surely. and the first thought that entered my mind was : how is this all supposed to work out : just everything. i find music as a passionate get away.. but when that is all it gets frustrating. trying to find someone to cover such a void. sitting on the Trainstation i watch all the people stare into space as i stare into their space and i wonder if people think the same as me. do they wonder what will be the next plan in their life just like this next Trainstop. does our lives all have soundtacks and we tend to repeat certain songs over and over just because ... it brings back thoughts... doesn't really have to be good.. but thoughts.. something to give you an extra inhale.. i look at people and watch the way they smile with their partner and i smile because people enjoy life. there isn't a requirement there isn't a quality.. its just pure happiness and i wish all of us can just experience the pure ambiance of unleashed happiness at its prime. . and once you have found that with in yourself you can bring that and share with the world. just as the woman did with her partner and without noticing .. me too.

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