Wednesday, February 25, 2009

dealing with a heartbreak

always been the type to actually cover up everything i've ever felt .. never thought people mattered. i decided to express myself here. im learning slowly but very accurately i have chosen the appropriate words for how i feel. i have been dating someone for a while and about 2 weeks ago, he cheated. yes we were a title. i figured titles will alter the persons total views of their significant other. but it doesn't.
So of course I was hurt. But then I met a very intriguing person who struck my eyes before my eyes opened to "the EX".. 
I have always been a person who did "really" care about what people thought about me so Kept this boy at a distance because I didn't want people seeing me with a new person already. I ended up hurting him a few times. I am lucky to have him now. 
 so i came up with this conclusion: i am a girl and i do have feelings and this poem "choices" by Nikki Giovanni sums it up in a few bars...

This makes Nooo sense but .. I just wanted to make sure I got my words out before the sun came up.

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